Fun in the snow – Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

Fun in the snow – Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

In October 2016, Marks life changed in an instant. He was out with his wife picking up dinner from the local fish and chip shop when he had a stroke and collapsed in the car

“For the first week after my stroke – I wasn’t sure what had happened to me. I knew the right side of my body wasn’t working and I couldn’t talk or say anything at all.’’ said Mark, 59.

After an incredibly tough and challenging start to his recovery, Mark began to make progress whilst in hospital. He started  going to the gym daily and began learning to speak again with the help of a speech therapist. “Two months after my stroke, I could walk with a walking stick, I could move my fingers and arm.”

“I love to draw and paint and the Stroke Association sent me a new easel to help with my balance so I could continue with my art whilst I recovered. I was so pleased to find out that I had won this year’s Christmas card competition and I hope my card helps to raise funds for other stroke survivors and their loved ones. My design ’Fun in the snow’ is actually a painting of my grandchildren having lots of fun building snowmen.” by the River Leven in Great Ayton.

Pack of 10 cards. Greeting inside says: ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.’

Size: 165 x 165mm