Getting online for people with aphasia

Getting online for people with aphasia

This guide was designed to support people with aphasia to get online. The guide was co-created by people with aphasia, expert speech and language therapists and researchers.

The guide includes information on:

  • Online safety
  • Setting up an email account
  • Sending emails and pictures
  • How to find information
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to download an app

The guide is a tool and it is important to work through the sections at your own pace. You may want to work through the guide with a family member or friend.

Please note that we have limited free stock available and to UK addresses only. Please only order one copy per person. Alternatively, you can open each section or download the full guide at home.

To place an online order you’ll need to have an email address. If you’d prefer to place your order by phone, please call our supporter care team on 0300 3300 740.


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